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Do you love to compete? Are you hungry for achievement? Are you an A player? Do you want to work with other A players? For a company where culture is nurtured and managed as a critical source of advantage? Where every employee knows and cares about direction and strategy?

AML Oceanographic has clocked average annual growth of 20% over the past 8 years. How? Most importantly, we’ve built a team that provides outstanding service and truly cares about our customers. AML has a market reputation for two things:

  • Going to the ends of the earth to make our customers successful.
  • Bringing fresh ideas to an established market

We manufacture ocean sensing solutions – sensors, instrumentation, and deployment systems – for business and government customers on all seven continents. As a hi-tech business, our technical team includes experts and engineers with experience in the acoustic, mechanical, electrical, software, and embedded software domains. We operate from locations at either end of Canada: Halifax (Dartmouth), Nova Scotia on the Atlantic Coast and Victoria (Sidney), British Columbia on the Pacific Coast. Learn more about us here.

It goes without saying that we give preference to qualified candidates who already have had exposure to the oceanographic or hydrographic industries. Similarly, we see a formal education in Oceanography, Hydrography, Environmental Science, or Engineering as a significant advantage.

One last requirement: at AML, we’re looking for individuals who are excited by the idea of coming to work to contribute. We expect each of our team members to dedicate their hands, head, AND heart to his or her position.

How to Apply

To submit your application, select the job posting then click on "apply" and follow the steps. You can also submit your application package via email to hr@AMLoceanographic.com. In addition to your resume and cover letter, please clearly identify the personal values that you use to guide your decisions, and explain why these specific values are so important to you. Finally, please clearly indicate your compensation expectations. No phone calls please.


Mission of the Role

Parts never stop us!


  • Team: Ensures every team member is an A player
  • Strategy: All team members endorse AML’s corporate strategy
  • Execution: Achieves plan in 6 of last 8 quarters, on time and on budget
  • Cash: Improves inventory turnover to 5 turns per year
  • Inventory Valuation Accuracy: NetSuite inventory valuations are accurate to within 1% at all times
  • Material Costs: Reduces parts costs by 2% per year for 3 years while maintaining required quality standards


  • Leadership & Team: Is an effective enterprise leader and is able to create leadership capabilities in others: Enterprise thinking; Self-aware; Able to adjust own behaviour to match context; Able to create strong interpersonal bonds; Coaching and mentoring emerging leaders towards better; Understanding of how to manage culture; Team builder
  • Transformational: Knows, teaches, and applies growth tools and frameworks like One Page Plan, Rockefeller Habits, Metronome, 5 Dysfunctions, Top Grading
  • Relationship builder: Is able to build strong relationships with key stakeholders: Strong interpersonal skills; Sufficient application knowledge to be customer relevant; Able to add value to customers, suppliers, and partners; Ability to successfully balance conflicting interests
  • Strategic: Is able to assess value chain and ID opportunities; Is able to identify step changes required in supply chain model, sell impact, and execute accordingly
  • Manufacturing / Supply Chain: Able to prioritize appropriate frameworks; Knows, teaches, and applies best practices in manufacturing management (LEAN, JIT, supply chain, Six Sigma, and similar); Working knowledge of modern manufacturing techniques (injection moulding, machining, casting, PCB manufacturing, additive manufacturing)
  • Forecasting: Has the ability to marry demand forecasting with strategic and operational procurement decisions
  • Market Expert: Expert in the hydrographic, oceanographic science, environmental monitoring, and subsea positioning markets; Understands market, customer, supplier, competitor, and financial dynamics


  • % of work order kits delivered to Production in full before business unit’s required by date (95% by year 3)
  • % of sales orders delayed by part availability
  • Inventory turns (5 by year 3)
  • Price improvement on current parts (2% per year)
Mission of the Role
Undisputed owner of inventory, physical and electronic!
Functional Accountabilities:
  • Kit delivery – Importance: 95% of WO kits delivered to Production before required by date in a manner that optimizes delivery schedule 
  • Inventory Quantity Accuracy – Importance: Netsuite item quantities are accurate to within 5% at all times
  • Inventory Receipts – Importance: Same day receipt of all inventory items to expected standard 
  • NC Creation – Importance: Creation of NCs that are inventory related 
  • Effective and proactive planner; understand what’s needed and by when; ability to prioritize
  • Ability to apply manufacturing best practices (LEAN, JIT, TPS) to inventory control and management.
  • Effective communicator. Responsive to the needs of manufacturing and proactively communicates issues.
  • Relationship builder; Commands the respect of affected individuals
  • Understanding of AML’s ERP system and it’s application to inventory management.
  • Familiarity with all parts that comprise AMLs product line; machined components, PCBs, molded assemblies.
Critical Metrics:
At AML, every position comes with a clear scorecard, designed to guide each employee towards ‘what is important’. The key metrics for this position are:
  • Kits delivered by required by date
  • Qty. of adjustments on core parts


Mission of the Role
Design It – Build It – Grow It
Functional Accountabilities:
  • Design for manufacture and reliability of mechanical components
  • Ensures the success of mechanical aspects of sales orders
  • Achievement of the project plan as it relates to mechanical
    • Can include product design, boms, jigs, renderings to marketing and other assigned tasks for the project.
  • Item and Assembly BOM creation and maintenance excluding PCBs
  • Writing of engineering documentation for products SOP’s, Manuals, etc.
  • Mechanical design to specification including cost
  • Mechanical design to facilitate manufacturing improvements
  • Seeing mechanical non-conformance to resolution
  • Mechanical testing and QA procedures
  • Product 3D CAD renderings for Marketing
  • Advanced mechanical design skills
  • Expert in drawing standards and best practices
  • Expert in SolidWorks
  • Knowledge of mechanical test methodologies and standards
  • Experience with dynamics including winches for marine systems, deck handling, launch and recovery
  • Scrum / agile product design methodology
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering knowledge
  • Knowledge in use of AML documentation and ERP systems
  • Knowledge of oceanographic sensor theory and operation
 Critical Metrics:
At AML, every position comes with a clear scorecard, designed to guide each employee towards ‘what is important’. The key metrics for this position are:
  • Lag: systems project hours last 30 days
  • Lead: # of current mechanical customizations
  • Lead: # of design requirements remaining
  • Lead: # of current deployment system mechanical issues

This position has been filled.


Functional Accountabilities:
  • Assembles, troubleshoots, and tests instrumentation in a manufacturing environment
  • Diagnoses and debugs technical issues with digital and analog circuits
  • Calibrates sensors as per standards and best practices
  • Participates in continuous improvement, process flow, etc.
  • Communicates build statuses
  • Produces required build reports and documentation
  • Advises and helps maintain SOP’s and build instructions
  • Meets order delivery expectations
Critical Metrics:
At AML, every position comes with a clear scorecard, designed to guide each employee towards ‘what is important’. The key metrics for this position are:
  • Quantity of instrument orders in Back Order.
  • Quantity of instruments produced and tested.
Required Knowledge and Skills:
  • ‘People skills’ and the ability to operate in a team environment
  • Electronics assembly expertise and best practices
  • Experience with analog circuits, processor-based PCBs, power supplies
  • Precision soldering
  • High mechanical aptitude and ‘hands on’ approach
  • PCB programming; process, troubleshooting, best practices
  • Ability to read and interpret engineering drawings, SOPs, assembly instructions.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities
  • Proven experience with standard electronics equipment including multimeters, programmers, wiring harnesses, etc.
Preferred Knowledge and Skills:
  • Lean process methodology
  • Familiarity with LabView
  • Experience with common ERP systems
  • Experience with calibration techniques and best practices
  • Best practices with o-ring seals and other pressure equipment designs
  • Experience with document control systems, BOMS, part management
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite (Excel, Word)
  • Familiarity with oceanographic applications
Education and Experience Requirements:
  • Relevant Diploma of Technology (Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial) or similar post-secondary education. Equivalent experience may be considered.
  • 2 years experience in a technical manufacturing environment.

Mission of the Role
Manufacturing as a strategic differentiator. Manage the resources, improve the dates, improve the financials.

Focus: Months to Quarters.

Functional Accountabilities:
– to develop a team of A-players
– ‘Ready when you are’: Standard delivery timelines are two weeks or less for core instrumentation. Standard service turnarounds are 1 week on calibrations.
– Uses Sales forecasts to inform Production capacity; minimizes overall Production costs while ensuring expected level of service.
– Years 1, 2, and 3 each see a 2% reduction in ‘hours per build’ on core instrumentation.
– Achieves quarterly priorities 6 out of 8 quarters.
– Every team member understands AMLs corporate strategy and can relate it to their role.
– Out of the box failures occur on less than 1% of all orders.
– Ensures OH&S policy is practiced.

– Leadership & Team: an effective leader with the ability to coach others. Drives culture.
– Ability to choose the ‘right’ priority to achieve optimum business outcome.
– Communication: Ability to effectively liaise with various stakeholders (eng, sales, supply chain, etc)
– Working knowledge of and ability to implement manufacturing best practices – LEAN, ISO, etc.
– Analytical; ability to use data to make informed decisions.
– Financial fluency – understands key financial metrics.

Critical Metrics:
At AML, every position comes with a clear scorecard, designed to guide each employee towards ‘what is important’. The key metrics for this position are:
– GP / payroll dollar spent
– % Utilization of production staff
– Number of missed ‘customer requested’ dates
– % Warranty claimed