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“AML is an excellent company to work with. The expertise and knowledge of the staff and their willingness to assist goes far beyond my expectations. The work I am trying to implement (Arctic community forage fish monitoring and Inuit student environmental training) is hindered by limited funding. AML has shown compassion and understanding of our long term goals to build a system that can add on sensors, withstand harsh conditions and withstand introductory multi-users. I highly recommend this company for the quality equipment and long term staff relations.”
Helen Drost, PhD
Fish Eco-physiologist & Oceanographer
Sheluqun Environmental Consulting
“I am very pleased with the CT sensor that we purchased from AML Oceanographic for integration and use on our AMOS robot. The sales staff were very helpful and knowledgeable, the delivery was prompt, and integrating the RS-232 output from the sensor into our software and existing data stream was very straightforward and easy to do. We were able to collect wonderfully precise temperature and conductivity data with the sensor, and were greatly impressed by its mechanical sturdiness, as it survived some bottom impacts during times when the robot was in shallow water, without any apparent damage. We look forward to integrating other AML Oceanographic sensors onto AMOS in the future!"
Murray Lowery-Simpson
In Nature Robotics Ltd
"The MVP System proved itself to be very reliable, robust and relatively easy to operate. The capability to perform CTD cast while the vessel is underway not only saves a lot of time and labour but contributes to increased Multibeam data quality and significantly increases daily and overall production."
Paul Rybinski
Party Chief, MV Fugro Discovery
Fugro Germany Marine GmbH
“The AML profilers performed flawlessly throughout the two-week survey, delivering precise and accurate SV data day-in and day-out. In particular, the use of the Data•Xchange interface resulted in significant time savings in the course of each cast and increased efficiency and productivity overall. A really good piece of kit.”
Ryan Harris
Senior Underwater Archaeologist
Parks Canada
"With the incredible results of the AML Oceanographic CTD and UV anti-biofouling system in our technology demonstration program we are very pleased to be deploying these systems across coastal BC as part of the Smart Oceans™ program. High biofouling areas in the coastal zone create a huge challenge in ongoing operations and maintenance costs for any observatory, especially in remote locations. After 15 months and still going, at our worst bio-fouling site, the sensors remain clean and operating fine. We are all absolutely amazed. AML Oceanographic has really made a revolutionary advance in anti-biofouling technology with this new product."
Scott McLean
Director of Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre (ONC)
"The use of the MVP allowed vessel speed to be maintained, reduced the number of line turns required during the survey, and is estimated to have increased the survey coverage and efficiency by 12%."
Thomas Furey
INFOMAR Joint Programme Manager
Marine Institute of Ireland
“I am quite astounded by the results of this test. I expected the UV antifouling system to be a significant improvement, perhaps doubling the time between required maintenance, but I did not expect it to outperform the TBT protected CTD. We operate our CTDs continuously on the Observatory. The pumped CTDs, protected with TBT, last about 7 or 8 months before the TBT is depleted and we also wear through the pumps. Near hydrophones, where we cannot use pumps, the CTDs last 2 months at best. The UV protected CTD at our most challenging site has lasted over 15 months and shows no loss of accuracy yet.”
Tom Dakin
Sensor Technology Officer
Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre (ONC)
"Six weeks into our test, the unprotected oxygen sensor was clearly fouled while the UV protected sensor is still producing reasonable data. We intend to deploy the UV device with all of our upper water column oxygen sensors in the future, and will experiment with the UV light on our other optical instruments."
Johnathan Fram
Assistant Professor
Oregon State University
"The MVP is a great piece of kit especially here over the Labadie bank where we are requiring 4 casts over a distance of 10km to keep SV control for the MBES systems"
Vera Quinlan
INFOMAR Mapping and Products Team Lead
Marine Institute of Ireland
“The cost of the UV system is about 25% of one maintenance trip to the Folger Pinnacle site, so this technology will have a significant impact on the operations budget, in addition to improving the data quality.”
Tom Dakin
Sensor Technology Officer
Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre (ONC)
Data•Xchange allows us to collect SV profiles and make them immediately available to the hydrographer without the added time consumption of unplugging/plugging in the impulse/serial connection. The time and cost savings become significant when performing projects requiring multiple weeks or months of data collection. Additionally, by eliminating the constant unplugging/plugging in of the standard impulse connector, Data•Xchange alleviates wear and tear of the connectors, which ultimately helps us save on maintenance costs.”
David Neff
“CR deployed a newly acquired Minos•X SVP during a series of offshore multibeam bathymetric surveys for US ACOE in the autumn of 2015. Software and hardware setup was intuitive and successful casts were made within minutes of installation. Wireless data transfer between the sensor and PC was automatic, and cast data were usually displayed on the survey PC monitor by the time we returned from deck. Hysteresis was not observed in any of the hundreds of SVP casts and minimal cleaning was required before import to HYSWEEP acquisition software.”
Christopher Wright
Sensor Environmental Scientist / Hydrographer
CR Environmental


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