Who are we?

Established in 1974, AML Oceanographic designs and manufactures instrumentation and deployment systems for hydrographic surveying, environmental monitoring, and other subsea applications. Our customers are located in more than 100 countries across all organization types.

Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, we opened our Dartmouth, Nova Scotia location in 2016 to provide customers with extended support hours, stronger deployment support, and custom engineering capabilities. Through disruptive innovation, AML is committed to providing the ocean sensing market with flexible solutions that minimize cost and maximize productivity.

What are we known for?

In 1995, AML pioneered time-of-flight sound velocity. Today, we are the vendor of choice for sound velocity measurement for a wide range of marine survey organizations and manufacturers of multi-beam, single-beam, intrusion detection, and USBL / LBL positioning systems.

In March of 2008, we launched the market’s first – and only – field swappable sound velocity sensor, SV•XchangeTM. By listening to our customers, we realized that returning instruments to the factory for recalibration was a significant pain for many organizations. We are now known for our field-swappable XchangeTM sensors, which assemble to create modular SVP, CTD, and multiparameter X•Series instrumentation. More recent innovations include Base•X₂, a compact profiler with integrated WiFi and GPS that converts from an SVP to a CTD with the switch of a single sensor head.

AML has provided a game-changing technology for in situ deployments with UV•Xchange, the award-winning UV biofouling control proven to reduce maintenance requirements of long term deployments by preventing marine growth on critical surfaces.

Having recently acquired the Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) from Rolls-Royce, we are now able to provide end to end profiling solutions to the hydrographic market. With our Nova Scotia team boasting an extensive history with MVP systems comprised of more than 50 man years of design, manufacture, and support experience we are looking forward to breathing new life into the technology that has been the industry standard in high speed, underway profiling for years.