North America’s Hydrographers Invade Canadian Island

What happens when the show comes to town?
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Jehan Zouak

Marketing Coordinator

Read on to find out what happened when the Canadian Hydrographic Conference (CHC) came to Victoria.

What is it like to work with AML? We asked again!

Garry Hurkens of Subsea Technologies shares his experience.
Workshop Day

They day before the start of CHC dawned dark and gloomy. Those of us who live here were excited to show off the city of Victoria, and Mother Nature made it clear she was not going to pitch in.

Fortunately, the workshop we were hosting in the afternoon on improving survey productivity and data quality was to be conducted within the Victoria Conference Centre far from the threatening skies outside. After setting up our booth, we made our way over to the workshop.

Early arrivers settling in with coffee and snacks.

After an introduction on the direct impact that sound velocity data has on overall survey results, attendees had the opportunity to hear from one of our customers, Leidos. Lead Hydrographer Alex Bernier explained why the Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) has been essential to Leidos’ survey operations for nearly 20 years. With other MVP users in the audience, it was great to hear the discussions between them as they shared their experiences.

Day 1:

Tuesday started bright and early with breakfast at 6:45. Those who slept in found themselves chugging their coffee as they were chased down to the lecture hall for the opening remarks by a man with a bell. 

You couldn't miss AML as you walked into the exhibit hall.

After a full day of learning in both the lecture and exhibition halls, it was time to have fun! The sun finally came out for AML’s reception at local pub Bard & Banker

Guests could choose sun and sea breeze
or cozy English pub.
Day 2:

Earlier this year, we launched AML’s brand promise, We Make it Easy, supported by four guarantees. This, along with a desire to highlight the human element of our industry, was the inspiration for our booth graphics at Oceanology International just two weeks before CHC. Our guys on the wall (Who are they?) were such a hit, we decided we had to bring one to CHC with us.

James Shane selfie
James shares the frame with his larger than life colleague at Oceanology International.
IMG_2811 12w
Same faces, different show.
What is it like to work with AML? We asked again!

If you have been following The Steered Beam, you’ll know that we are always looking to hear our customers and partners’ experiences, as it gives us a glimpse into their work and helps guide our own as we aim to provide solutions to their challenges. On the final day of Oceanology, I caught up with Elice Collewijn of Seabed B.V. to hear about her experience working with us. At CHC, I sat down with Garry Hurkens, Manager of Business Development at Subsea Technologies, to hear what he had to say.

Day 3:
IMG_E2819 br 12sq
Coffee break + MVP curiosity = busy booth times!

Thursday came and went in a blur. After a busy morning, the exhibit hall quickly transformed from a showplace to a construction site as everyone set to dismantling their booths. After squeezing in a few last minute conversations, it was time to say goodbye to friends old and new, pack the truck, and beat Victoria’s version of rush hour “traffic.”

We are already looking forward to CHC 2020!

Stay tuned for more insight from our customers on how AML “makes it easy.” Have a story you’d like to share? Contact us!

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Jehan Zouak
After completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Victoria, Jehan joined AML in 2012. After a couple of years assisting our customers in the EMEA and APAC regions, Jehan has returned her full attention to AML’s marketing efforts.
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