What is it like to work with AML? Oceanology ’18 Edition

Bringing our Brand Promise to Life at Oceanology International​
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Jehan Zouak

Marketing Coordinator

Our action-packed week in London for Oceanology International did not disappoint: Read on for a look into AML’s OI 2018.

So what's it like to work with AML?

Elice Collewijn of Seabed B.V. shares her experience.
Oceanology Eve

After several days of meetings in London, we made our way to the Excel Centre on Monday morning. Our accommodations at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel put us right at the heart of the action!

I spied a vehicle being put through its paces just outside my room.
A high-viz vest does not a diligent stand builder make.

Our first Oceanology in many years without lugging our Lego-set of a stand across the Atlantic, set up was a breeze. Nevertheless, we donned our high-visibility vests to appear to be hard at work. After unpacking the demo equipment, we bid the boys on the wall (more on them later) goodnight.

Day 1:

March 13 had arrived. We jumped out of our beds like kids on Christmas morning and met at the booth early for one last check in. At 9:00 the gates opened, and we were off to the races.

Smart•X and Metrec•X CTDs on display
Who are the guys on the wall?

Earlier this year, we launched AML’s brand promise, We Make it Easy, supported by four guarantees. This was the inspiration for our booth graphics, along with a desire to bring the human element of our industry into the environment. Then we thought, what better way to incorporate the people in our work into the design than to feature people who are vital to making AML what it is? 

The men you “met” if you visited our booth last week might have budding careers in modeling, but they are also two members of a team that works tirelessly to make sure our customers have the reliable equipment they need.

Of course, we couldn’t help but have some fun with their larger than life presence.

Day 2:
IMG_2694 sun 15w
It was impossible to feel anything but optimistic about Wednesday when it dawned like this.

Historically the busiest day of the show, day 2 defended its title with gusto. We welcomed a seemingly infinite supply of customers, partners, and newcomers to our booth throughout the day. Dinner that evening was filled with enthusiastic talk of all that we had learned. Each time we thought we had heard the most interesting exchange, it was topped by yet another incredible project in the works!

IMG_2712 full 20w
We welcomed so many visitors to our booth that at times we wished Matt and Shane could step out from their places on the wall and lend a hand.
Day 3:

Of course, our favourite stories are those told by our customers and partners, as it gives us a glimpse into their work and helps guide our own as we aim to provide solutions to their challenges. On the final day of Oceanology, I caught up with Elice Collewijn of Seabed B.V. to hear about her experience working with us. 

Can you end Oceanology on a better note than that? 

Stay tuned for more insight from our customers on how AML “makes it easy.” Have a story you’d like to share? Contact us!

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Jehan Zouak
After completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Victoria, Jehan joined AML in 2012. After a couple of years assisting our customers in the EMEA and APAC regions, Jehan has returned her full attention to AML’s marketing efforts.
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