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Moving Vessel Profiler

Are you frustrated with having to stop your vessel frequently for casts?

Have you ever struggled to collect sufficient data density?

Are your forced to reduce swath width to maintain accuracy requirements?

Do you worry about under-bidding jobs to be competitive?

Remove unpredictability from your surveys.

  • Collect full water column data continuously in real-time while your vessel is underway with MVP.
  • Survey with your multibeam swath wide open without losing data integrity.
  • Estimate project timelines and costs accurately due to the predictability of performance provided by MVP, regardless of oceanography conditions.
"The MVP System proved itself to be very reliable, robust and relatively easy to operate. The capability to perform CTD cast while the vessel is underway not only saves a lot of time and labour but contributes to increased Multibeam data quality and significantly increases daily and overall production."
Paul Rybinski
Party Chief MV Fugro Discovery
Fugro Germany Marine GmbH
"The use of the MVP allowed vessel speed to be maintained, reduced the number of line turns required during the survey, and is estimated to have increased the survey coverage and efficiency by 12%."
Thomas Furey
INFOMAR Joint Programme Manager
Marine Institute of Ireland


Profiles to 30 m at 12 knots.


Profiles to 200 m at 12 knots.

Photo courtesy of NOAA


Profiles to 300 m at 12 knots.

Photo courtesy of NAVO