Moving Vessel Profiler

High speed, underway profiling in real time.

Achieve maximum efficiency: MVP economizes survey operations while enhancing performance.

"The use of the MVP allowed vessel speed to be maintained, reduced the number of line turns required during the survey, and is estimated to have increased the survey coverage and efficiency by 12%."
Thomas Furey
INFOMAR Joint Programme Manager
Marine Institute of Ireland

Increased Convenience, Reduced Cost

  • Decreased vessel time: Profiles are conducted while the ship is underway, reducing survey duration by hours.
  • Increased line spacing: Frequent, valid sound velocity profiles eliminate the risk of data loss in the outer beams, enabling survey of a wider area.
  • Reduced post-processing: Improved accuracy associated with real-time, automated data collection erases the need for examination of every scan.
  • Heightened productivity: Without personnel required on deck during operations, surveys can be conducted beyond standard work hours and in inclement weather.
  • Small footprint: A narrow plane of operation allows the MVP tow body to be safely deployed and operated simultaneously with other deployed equipment.

Improved Quality

  • Greater accuracy: Real-time knowledge of sound velocity, as a function of depth, efficiently facilitates the removal of discontinuities in multibeam and seismic data caused by sound velocity variations in the water column.
  • Full water column data: Set real-time MVP to terminate profiles based on one of three deployment criteria (maximum tow body depth, distance above seafloor, and maximum cable out) to optimize water column data coverage from each profile and auto-recover the tow body to its original towed position.
"The MVP System proved itself to be very reliable, robust and relatively easy to operate. The capability to perform CTD cast while the vessel is underway not only saves a lot of time and labour but contributes to increased Multibeam data quality and significantly increases daily and overall production."
Paul Rybinski
Party Chief MV Fugro Discovery
Fugro Germany Marine GmbH


Profiles to 30 m at 12 knots.


Profiles to 200 m at 12 knots.

Photo courtesy of NOAA


Profiles to 300 m at 12 knots.

Photo courtesy of NAVO
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