Additional MVP Purchase for Leidos

After years of using the Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) system, Leidos has recently purchased another MVP30 for use during hydrographic surveying.

The design and engineering of the MVP30 has produced a robust system that withstands the harsh marine environment; and the capabilities and adaptability of the MVP30 system have been realized for numerous Leidos project locations with multitudes of water column profiling demands and challenges.

Leidos' new MVP30 with several member of AML's Nova Scotia team

MVP30 provides Leidos the ability to increase the amount of water column profiling conducted, while also decreasing the amount of vessel downtime inherent with manual methods for similar data acquisition, and with a resulting high quality data product.

In both manned and autonomous hydrographic survey operations, the MVP systems have become a standard piece of survey equipment at Leidos, and they are looking forward to adding the new system to their fleet.

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