AML Supplies Metrec•XL Sonde for Landmark Chilean Project

The University of Los Lagos has deployed an oceanographic buoy in the Seno de Reloncaví, the first of its kind in the region. Supplied by OSIL through Casco Antiguo, the buoy supports an atmospheric module and a current meter along with a Metrec•XL multiparameter sonde to measure temperature, salinity, oxygen, pH, chlorophyll A, and turbidity. The Metrec•XL is equipped with UV•Xchange to prevent biofouling.

Operated under the project “On-line oceanographic observation system for the prevention of environmental catastrophes in the region of Los Lagos,” the system will aid in early detection of harmful occurrences such as red tides, algae bloom, fish mortality, volcanic eruptions, and extreme weather events. As the first project of its kind in the region of Patagonia, the data generated is also expected serve as a reference for users of Los Lagos’ marine ecosystem.

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