Acoustic Imaging Purchases MVP30-350 to support survey operations in Australia and adjacent Oceania

Known for their comprehensive approach to the best technology and best practices, AML is not only excited about having Acoustic Imaging as a Preferred Partner but also an Owner of an MVP30-350

On 30 April 2020, AML signed Acoustic Imaging as a Preferred Partner for Australia and adjacent regions in Oceania.  Today we welcome them as owners of an MVP30-350 which will be used to support survey operations in Australia and adjacent Oceania regions.

The Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) is the market leader in underway profiling systems and is the world’s only automated, real-time solution. The system offers continuous full water column sampling (sound velocity, pressure, temperature, conductivity) without the need to stop the vessel to conduct a cast. With numerous systems in use throughout the world the MVP has a well-established track record of improving survey efficiency, accuracy, and completeness whilst reducing the risk of under-budgeting survey time.

Chris Malzone (VP of Sales and Marketing) states “AML is excited to work with Acoustic Imaging through the provision of an MVP 30-350 which will be used to support the HIPP and other related Seafloor Mapping Projects across Oceania.  Acoustic Imaging are known for their dedication to acquiring the highest quality hydrographic data and AML is here to ensure that whether this system in on one of their own projects or out on lease, it will aid in removing the financial and technical unpredictability of marine operations.”

Nicole Bergersen, Geophysicist and Lead Scientist at Acoustic Imaging, notes “Throughout our history Acoustic Imaging has tried to introduce innovative survey solutions to the Australian market. We feel the MVP 30-350 or similar models should play a key role in any regional mapping program being undertaken at a national or state level. Beyond the increased efficiency on offer the ability to continuously measure, monitor, and log a variety of water column parameters is simply good science…and that’s a core tenet of our company”.

About Acoustic Imaging

The challenging and dynamic marine industry attracts a special type of person – adventurous, passionate, and innovative. We appreciate these qualities of scientists, surveyors, and engineers because we share them.

Acoustic Imaging is known for taking a comprehensive approach to the best technology / best practice through testing, training, and support. They strive to understand the products they sell at a deep technological and practical level to ensure streamlined workflows exist from data acquisition to data presentation. As active users of the products they represent, Acoustic Imaging understands how to maximize the performance of the solutions they recommend. This hands-on information is transferred to their clients as successful management of projects is our priority.

Acoustic Imaging takes pride in its “green” credentials. Located in the beautiful Noosa hinterland 90 minutes north of Brisbane, our office operates off 100% solar generated power stored in batteries on-site. Their water is harvested from nature’s rain and stored in tanks. The use of renewable resources extends to their technology test environment. Acoustic Imaging strives to provide a healthy, self-sustaining workplace in which to explore and discover innovative solutions that meet the challenges of the marine sector in Australia and adjacent regions in Oceania.


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