TerraSond Turns Up Survey Efficiency and Quality with Another AML MVP

TerraSond has recently deployed a new Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) to support their offshore wind farm survey operations.

This is TerraSond’s second MVP. AML’s proven underway profiler was determined to be the natural solution for surveys conducted ahead of turbine foundation construction, where the importance of accurately characterizing the seabed cannot be understated. As wind farm lease surveys last months while requiring multiple sound velocity casts daily, efficiency is also of considerable importance and adds competitive value.

TerraSond will collect Sound Velocity, Pressure, and Temperature data continuously while the vessel is underway to ensure accurate seabed characterization. (Sensors shown in inset)

The MVP30 will continuously collect Sound Velocity, Pressure, and Temperature data as the vessel covers the vast area, transferring it to the multibeam system in real-time for immediate incorporation.

TerraSond, an Acteon company, is a long-established leader and innovator providing geospatial and geophysical services around the world. By removing challenges often associated with offshore surveying, such as unpredictable conditions that can delay project completion and affect data integrity, MVP will support the company’s commitment to meeting their clients’ quality and schedule requirements.

TerraSond’s new system is an MVP30, a compact solution designed for surveying in coastal waters. Delivered in time for the busy 2019 summer season, the system was manufactured at AML Oceanographic’s deployment systems facility in Dartmouth, NS.

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