We’ve moved! High Demand for MVP Prompts Relocation

The demand for our real-time underway profiling system, Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP), has swelled rapidly as organizations seek to reduce costs and improve data quality on both hydrographic and ocean science surveys. An influx of orders has prompted a move to a new location large enough to accommodate concurrent builds. The move comes less than three years after we opened our Dartmouth, Nova Scotia office across the country from our Sidney, BC headquarters. Our new location at 101 Ilsley Avenue ensures we will be able to continue providing customers with the solutions they need to simplify their operations.

ilsley cr web
Looking for MVPs? Walk straight through those double doors at the back.

New AML Atlantic Address:

AML Oceanographic Ltd.

101 Ilsley Avenue, Unit 12

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1S8

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