Orange is here! AML Launches the latest in the X-Change Series of profiling instruments!

(Saanichton, BC) AML Oceanographic, a world leader in ocean sensing technology, is pleased to announce the launch of the latest in the X-change series of profiling instruments which includes three new products;  the AML-1, AML-3 and AML-6. 

  • AML-1: Real-time single-port instrument, 6000m depth rating and can accommodate any XChange-2 sensor but is ideally suited for measuring sound velocity at a multibeam sonar head.  
  • AML-3: Real-time or logging 3-port instrument with a 500m depth rating (6000m version to follow).  The AML-3 users can combine any three XChange2 sensors.  Typical Configurations include:
    • Sound Velocity Profiling (SVP)
    • Sound Velocity and Turbidity Profiling (SVP Tu)
    • Conductivity Temperature & Depth (CTD)
    • Sound Velocity / Conductivity / Temperature & Depth (SVCTD)
  • AML-6: Real-time or logging 6-port instrument depth rated to 500m or 6000m.  Geared towards multiparameter applications generally found in the environmental and research sectors, the AML-6 provides the utmost flexibility in XChange2 and cabled sensing solutions.

A key feature of both the AML-3 and AML-6 is they can accommodate UV biofouling protection in addition to their sensor payload.  The new enhanced UV protection utilizes a “street lamp” configuration attached via its own dedicated port to protect all of the sensors on the end cap from biofouling. 

Other significant features for this product line are:

  • Fully exchangeable, uncomplicated sensor technology 
  • Plug-and-play sensor configurations & combinations. Sensors include SV, SVT, P, C, CT, pH and Cyclops 7 Series of Turner Optical sensor (Turbidity, Chlorophyll AB, CDOM, etc) 
  • Future-proof hotspot-style wi-fi on AML-3 and AML-6 versions
  • Bi-directional communication
  • New user interface 
  • Extended battery life
  • USB-C port for easy data upload and recharging
  • Smaller footprint

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