Our largest profiler with internal memory collects all your environmental data and stores it until you are ready to retrieve it.

Whether more than CTD and SV is needed now or the option to add more sensors later is desired, internally powered Plus•X is the answer. A multiparameter sonde designed for water column profile data collection with an option to have wireless data download and integrated GPS module. Depth rated to 500 m.

Also ideal for long term, in-situ deployments with an optional UV•Xchange sensor for biofouling control. By eliminating biofouling-induced drift, UV•Xchange allows sensors to perform to their full potential on in-situ instruments.

Take advantage of Xchange™ sensors’ field swappability with Plus•X: Configure the focus of your research on an application by application basis. One instrument meets multiple deployment requirements.

Product Info


Sensor PortsUp to 5
Optional Remote Sensor Ports4
Depth Rating500 m, 5000 m, 6000 m
Housing Material500 m: Acetal, 5000 m: Anodized Aluminum 6061, 6000 m: Anodized Aluminum 7075
Sensor Cage Material500 m: Acetal, 5000m: Anodized Aluminum, 6000m: Anodized Aluminum
Other ApplicationsBuoy / In-Situ Deployments, Coastal Monitoring
CommunicationsRS-232, RS-485, WiFi (optional upgrade)
Baud Rate19200, 9600, 38400
GPSOptional Upgrade
Power SourceInternally Rechargeable Battery, External
Data OutputLogs to Memory, Real-time Output
Input Voltage8-26 V
Length500 m: 860 mm (33.9″), 5000 m: 881 mm (34.9″), 6000 m: 881 mm (34.9″)
Diameter100 mm (4.0″)
Weight in Air500 m: 5.9 kg (13.0 lbs), 5000 m: 7.7 kg (17.0 lbs), 6000 m: 7.7 kg (17.0 lbs)
Weight in Water500 m: 2.2 kg (4.9 lbs), 5000 m: 3.4 kg (7.5) lbs, 6000 m: 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)
Biofouling ControlOptional Upgrade

Product Info




Dissolved Oxygen


Chlorophyll A


ParameterConductivity, TemperaturePressureTurbidityDissolved OxygenpHChlorophyll APhycoerythrin (BGA)
Depth Rating6000 m50 m, 100 m, 200 m, 500 m, 1000 m, 2000 m, 4000 m, 5000 m, 6000 m200 m, 300 m100 m, 2000 m, 6000 m1500 m, 6000 m600 m, 6000 m600 m
RangeC: 0-90 mS/cm ᵇ, T: -5-45 ⁰C ᶜ0-50 dBar, 0-100 dBar, 0-200 dBar, 0-500 dBar, 0-1000 dBar, 0-2000 dBar, 0-4000 dBar, 0-5000 dBar, 0-6000 dBar0-3000 NTU ᵈ0-800 μm0-140-500 μg/L0-750 ppb
Response TimeC: 25 ms ʰ, T: 100 ms10 ms< 0.7 s
Accuracy (+/-)C: 0.01 mS/cm, T: 0.005 ⁰C0.05% FS2% of reading or 0.2 NTU<8 μ or 5%0.1Linearity: 0.99R²Linearity: 0.99R²
Precision (+/-)C: 0.003 mS/cm, T: 0.003 ⁰C0.03% FS0.5 % reading or 0.1 NTU
StabilityC: 0.003 mS/cm/month ͤ
Wiper200 m: yes, 300 m: no
Length109 mm (4.25″)73 mm (2.86″)200 m: 143 mm (5.61″), 300 m: 133 mm (5.25″)145 mm (5.7″)145 mm (5.7″)
Diameter63 mm (2.47″)11 mm (0.45″)29 mm (1.13″)23 mm (0.92″)23 mm (0.92″)
Chlorophyll A Range0 to 500 μg/L
DO Range0-800 μm
Foil TypeFast, Standard
pH Range0 to 14
Phycoerythrin Range0 to 750 ppb
ResolutionC: 0.001 mS/cm, T: 0.001 ⁰C0.02% FS0.01 NTU

ᵃ Standard range

ᵇ Will over-range to 100 mS/cm. Inquire for specifications.

ᶜ Will over-range to 60 ⁰C. Inquire for specifications.

ᵈ Digital auto-ranging

ᵉ When deployed with UV•Xchange™

ᶠ For standard range only. 0.02 m/s for other ranges.

ᵍ For standard range only. 0.5-1.0 m/s for other ranges.

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