Ultra-compact, easy to integrate real-time probe

Depth Rating
Sensor Ports

The AML-1 series of instruments is a highly configurable sonde
designed for a wide range of data collection applications. The ‘1’
designation refers to the number of sensors that may be installed
on the instrument’s endcap.

Typical Configurations include:

• Sound Velocity (SV)
• Turbidity (Tu)
• Pressure / Water Level (P)
• Conductivity Temperature (CT)

The RT designation (ie. AML-3 RT) stream data while in-situ. Power
and communication to this instrument is facilitated via a waterproof
connector. These instruments rely on external power for operation
and the application of this power is automatic when voltage is
applied. These instruments are commonly used in measurement
of sound velocity on sonar systems, moored applications, buoys,
underwater observatories, and ROVs. However, the AML-1 is
compatible with an X2 series of Xchangeable sensors.

AML-1 Product Brochure
X2 Series Sensors Product Brochure

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