Universal and Flexible Sensor Technology


X2change™ is the industry’s leading family of field-swappable sensor heads. Each sensor
head contains its own embedded calibration and can be moved from instrument to
instrument without impacting accuracy. Changing sensors is easy: simply unscrew one
sensor head and replace it with another.

Key Benefits:

• Zero Down Time – With X2 series sensors, recalibrated sensors are sent to the instrument
instead of sending the instrument to the recalibration centre.

• Reduce Logistical Costs – With X2 series small sensor heads are shipped instead of heavy

• Increased Flexibility – Field-swappable sensor heads enable any organization – big or small
– to become a virtual recalibration centre by stocking spare calibrated sensor heads.

• One Instrument, Multiple Applications – the ability to change sensor type on any
instrument to suit specific application requirements. This means instrument duplicates
(identical instruments dedicated to different pressure ranges, separate instrument for
Turbidity, pH, Chlorophyll, etc) become a thing of the past.

• Improved absolute pressure accuracy – You may choose the best full scale pressure range
to suit your deployment depth.

X2change™ sensor heads are used exclusively with X2•Series / Orange Line
instrumentation. Total flexibility of instrument model, sensor type, and sensor range
ensures that the right instrument is always available. Please refer to the X2•Series
brochure for a list of instruments, applications, and specifications.

X2 Series Sensors Product Brochure

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