Sailfish Software

Sailfish Software for X2•Series

Our Sailfish software provides an intuitive interface for AML’s X2 Series (Orange Line) instrumentation, offering easy instrument setup, data collection and management, and exporting tools.   

Note that this software is backwards compatible with the BaseX2.

Sailfish Software Features

  • Automated connection and workflow via wireless or USB-C
  • Instrument and sensor details displayed
  • On demand printing for Calibration certificates
  • Automated & manual entry GPS location 
  • Sample By method and Sample Rate method selection
  • Automatic or manual data filtering
  • Offline access to existing casts for post-processing
  • Show live data on multiple graphs concurrently
  • (Future Release: Graph editing and annotation for export)
  • Automated data export functionality
  • Simultaneous export to multiple data formats,
  • Xylem Hypack
  • Kongsberg SIS
  • Sonardyne
  • Teledyne PDS, Teledyne CARIS, Teledyne CARIS (concatenated)
  • Kongsberg HIPAP
  • CSV
  • Custom
Sailfish Data Manager
Sailfish Device Manager

How to Connect

1. Install Sailfish
First, you must install the software on a Windows PC from either a USB drive or the download button above. At this time, you may be prompted to select firewall settings during installation. Before continuing, ensure both boxes are selected.

2. Check WiFi Connection
Next, ensure that WiFi is enabled on your PC. Please note that connecting Sailfish to your AML instrument will disconnect an existing WiFi connection unless multiple adapters are used. 

3. Start Program
Turn on the instrument and start the program.

4. Select a Device
If you have multiple WiFi adapters (such as an internal WiFi adapter and a USB WiFi dongle), select the device you want to use to connect with your AML instrument. Next, click ‘Refresh’. 

5. Connect With Instrument
Now select the tile representing your AML instrument and click ‘Connect’. 

6. Complete With Information
After connecting to the instrument, the tile will display your device information. Happy data collecting!

Are you having difficulty installing Sailfish? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.