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Remove unpredictability from your operations, financially and technically.

Remove unpredictability from your operations, financially and technically.

AML Oceanographic has over 40 years of experience manufacturing SVPs, CTDs, and underway profiling systems for hydrographers and oceanographers.
Our Promise

We Make it Easy

AML is known as a provider of reliable instrumentation and outstanding customer service. Four guarantees support our promise that working with AML will be easy.

Easy to Trust

You are happy with your purchase of AML SV, SVP, or CTD instrumentation OR you may return it for a refund of the full purchase price within 90 days of purchase.

Easy to Buy

You receive a personal response to your sales query within 1 business day OR you get $200 USD off your next AML purchase.

Easy to Support

You receive a personal response to your technical support query within 12 hours OR you get $200 USD off your next AML service.

Easy to Integrate

Your first OEM sound velocity sensor for integration into commercial projects is free.

What do our customers say?

"The use of the MVP allowed vessel speed to be maintained, reduced the number of line turns required during the survey, and is estimated to have increased the survey coverage and efficiency by 12%."
Thomas Furey
INFOMAR Joint Programme Manager
Marine Institute of Ireland
“The AML profilers performed flawlessly throughout the two-week survey, delivering precise and accurate SV data day-in and day-out. A really good piece of kit.”
Ryan Harris
Senior Underwater Archaeologist
Parks Canada
"After 15 months and still going, at our worst bio-fouling site, the sensors remain clean and operating fine. We are all absolutely amazed. AML Oceanographic has really made a revolutionary advance in anti-biofouling technology."
Scott McLean
Ocean Network Canada Innovation Centre (ONC)

Our Solutions

Remove Unpredictability from your Surveys and in-situ deployments

Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) is the market leader in underway profiling systems. The world’s only automated, real-time solution is backed by 20 years of experience and thousands of successful surveys.

AML’s SVP, CTD, and multiparameter sondes provide flexibility and convenience without sacrificing performance, making them the instrumentation of choice for hundreds of organizations around the world.

UV•Xchange and Cabled UV are the market leaders in antifouling technology. The world’s only solution that can keep surfaces foul-free for years is backed by 5 years of successful deployments.