Simplify data collection.

Do you have these concerns?


Are you tired of the costs and logistical challenges associated with repairs and sensor calibrations?

Instrument Limitations

Do you wish you could use one instrument for a variety of applications and depth ranges?

Service and Support

Are you frustrated with receiving inadequate customer service and technical support?

X•Series instrumentation solves these problems.

AML SVPs, CTDs, and multiparameter sondes provide flexibility and convenience without sacrificing performance, making them the instrumentation of choice for hundreds of organizations around the world.

Success Stories

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Monitoring the Canadian Arctic

X•Series instrumentation's ability to deliver reliable and accurate data in extreme environments is critical for Ocean Networks Canada as they seek to reduce the cost and complexity of arctic monitoring sites.

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MAST surveyors profile with Minos•X during their daily work.


Learn how eTrac saves significant time and money by using AML's Data•Xchange™ to transfer collected SV data 40 times faster than via cable.

X•Series instrumentation is unlike:

  • Traditional fixed-sensor profilers that can only be used for one application, and which leave costly assets (vessels, multibeams, and magnetometers, etc.) idle if sensors are damaged or sent away for calibration;
  • Complicated profilers with inefficient workflows that consume more operator time and require significant training to use;
  • Inefficient profilers which must be connected via cable to a computer after each cast just to transfer collected data.

Xchange TM Sensors

Suitable for any Situation

X•Series instrumentation, backed by AML’s industry-leading service and support, is proven to reduce complexity while maintaining performance.

  • Shallow Profiling
  • Coastal Monitoring
  • Buoy / In-Situ Deployments
  • AUV / Glider Integration
  • Deep Profiling
  • ROV Integration
  • Transducer Mount / Surface SV
  • OEM Integration

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