X2•Series Instrumentation

Simplify data collection.

Remove Unpredictability from your Surveys and in-situ deployments


AML-6 multiparameter sonde
X2change Orange line oceanographic sensors

X2•Series Instruments can help you avoid...

Unnecessary Downtime

Calibrated spare sensors can be swapped back onto the instrument while the old ones go back for recalibration.

Lengthy Training Sessions

Uncomplicated profiler that doesn't consume more operator time or require significant training to use.

Instrument Duplications

Use one instrument for a variety of applications and depth ranges with easily exchangeable sensors.

What is X2•Series Instrumentation?

The X2•Series is a highly configurable family of multiparameter sondes designed for a wide range of data collection applications. With exchangeable technology you can use one instrument for a variety of applications and depth ranges. 

X2change™ is the industry’s leading family of field-swappable sensor heads. Each sensor head contains its own embedded calibration and can be moved from instrument to instrument without impacting accuracy. Changing sensors is easy: simply unscrew one sensor head and replace it with another.

X2•Series instrumentation reduces complexity while maintaining the premium performance. 

X2change TM Sensors

Why use X2•Series Instrumentation?

No Wasted Time

If one sensor is inaccessible, spares are easily exchangeable, allowing operations to keep going.

Reduced Training Time

Less user training time for fewer instruments.

Wireless Capability

Automatic WiFi data transfer for shallow instruments.


Instruments can be used for more than one application.

Reduced Costs

Lower logistical costs by shipping small sensor heads instead of larger, heavier instruments.

Think Beyond

X2•Series allows for cost effective upgrades and/or configuration changes at anytime.

Suitable for any Situation

X2•Series instruments are backed by AML Oceanographic’s industry leading service and support. They are proven to support minimum complexity and maximum return. AML Instruments are commonly used in the following applications:

metrec x with gradient

Monitoring the Canadian Arctic

X•Series instrumentation's ability to deliver reliable and accurate data in extreme environments is critical for Ocean Networks Canada as they seek to reduce the cost and complexity of arctic monitoring sites.

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MAST surveyors profile with Minos•X during their daily work.


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